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What all should you look into?

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Anyone who knows me knows I love the planning stage of a venture. Lists, research, pros and cons. I look at all different avenues for a project and try to gather as much information as possible. Getting into meat rabbits was no different. I have spent countless hours reading articles, watching YouTube videos, asking questions on Facebook groups and compiling all my information to help me get started without making too many mistakes. So like me, your going to want to look into... what breeds of rabbits are considered meat rabbits? what breed is best for you? What type of living situation best suits your needs? (Cages, tractors, colony) And where do you buy them or where to get the supplies to make your own?

The three common ways to raise rabbits are cages, tractor and a colony set up.
Ways to house your rabbits

What do you feed them and how can you do it on a budget to make your rabbits cost as little as possible and make their meat production benefit your family the most?

A diagram showing a wild rabbit vs a "pet" rabbits diet
Rabbits diet

How do you breed rabbits? At what age can they breed? What is needed for their kits and when do you ween them? At what age do you process your rabbits? How to dispatch rabbits? How to skin a rabbit? How to process a rabbit? Should you process rabbits yourself or hire it out to a butcher? And a very important question, how much meat can I get from raising meat rabbits? And how many meat rabbits should I have? Over the next couple days I will provide my research into all of these topics and tell you what I've chosen to do and why. Obviously plans can change as you go, but it's good, important and invaluable to have a set direction and plan to work on. It keeps you heading in the right direction and gives you a timetable to try to stick to.

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