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Week old kits

It's been a week since I was surprised with a litter of kits from Jakalope. During the week we have had a few nice sunny days but we have also recieved a few centimeters of snow and freezing temperatures the last couple days.

One week old New Zealand kits
One week old New Zealand kits

Jakalope had her kits in her hideout as I did not know she was pregnant when I purchased her the end of March. I was not figuring on breeding until May at the earliest, so I do not have nesting boxes on hand. I have been concerned that the kits might not make it due to not having a proper nesting situation, but as of right now both Jakalope and the kits are doing well. All four kits seem to be growing quickly and look healthy. I do not handle them very much as I do not want to disturb their nest in this cold weather. I turn my phone's camera on, make sure the flash is on and take pictures by putting the phone in the hideout to keep tabs on them.

A couple days ago I checked on them after a rather cold night, Jakalope had them all covered up and warm, you could hardly even see them through the hair.

Freezing temperatures outside and well covered and cared for kits.
Well covered litter of kits

I am very pleased with her as a mom. I know four kits is a smaller than average litter for most rabbits, but for a bonus litter that I was not expecting, I am very pleased. I do not know how her breeding went. How many fall offs or how she behaved. Her next litter might be larger with different circumstances.

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