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Warm weather and exercise

Today is a very nice day out. The weather is supposed to get to the low 70's and it's sunny and breezy. Bunnicula and my son had some bonding and playing time. They both enjoyed themselves. He loves talking to the rabbits ( as much as a not so verbal toddler talks) and she got to jump around and stretch her legs a bit.

New Zealand Flemish giant cross enjoying playtime in an xpen
Bunnicula enjoying playtime with my son.

The cages I use double as rabbit tractors and allow the rabbits to forage on grass and weeds. They have a hideout and a shelf to sit on. They have room to walk or jump, but they really do enjoy having a bit more space once in awhile. I am considering reinforcing my dogs outside run to allow the rabbits a larger play area once in awhile.... It's still in the thought process. For now, an exercise pen gives them some space to kick up their heels, and they really do love it.

Letting one rabbit out for even 30 minutes or so while I'm doing chores is great for them. Yesterday Marshal was out in the x pen running laps and jumping around. While he was enjoying himself Bunnicula made it known she wanted out too. She jumped around her cage causing a commotion. Today was her turn. Tomorrow, weather permitting, it will be Guy's turn. Jakalope probably won't be let out until her kits are a bit older.

I realize these are meat rabbits and that eventually once they are retired from breeding they will end up processed and in the freezer, however I still want them to have a happy and healthy life. Quality of life is still important even when they are being used as food. If they enjoy getting to run around a bit and I can safely let them do it, I will. I know different areas have different concerns with rabbit illnesses such as RHDV (Rabbit haemorrhagic Disease Virus) and letting them on the ground can be risky and potentially fatale, however here in Ontario Canada, the virus is not an issue. There are always risks, so you have to do your research and see what is best for you.

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