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Surprise! Kits are here

Jakalope was picked up the end of March. On Monday April 11th I moved her crate in the morning to a new spot for grazing. When I was done and looked at her old spot, there

Were clumps of hair all over! I was so afraid that I would find dead kits on the grass from me moving her cage, but there was nothing. I quickly got the baby saver cage bottom for her cage and put her on blocks to keep her off the ground. I don't think sliding her around everyday would be the calmest situation for her, or the kits.

In Tuesday I reached in and felt warm kits. Beings as I was not planning on breeding her until the beginning of May at the earliest, I did not have a nesting box for her, so she's using her hide out I built for her. It was full of hay and fur.

A hay filled hideout being used as a nesting box.
Hay filled hideout with a fur nest.

Wednesday 13th, today, I reached in and felt them bopping around so I pulled one out. It was so cute. It looks like a fat little house hippo creature. I didn't want to disturb them too much but I wanted to know how many kits she had. I turned the flash on on my phone and put it inside the hideout and took some photos. As long as no one is hiding underneath, Jakalope gave birth to 4 kits.

Four New Zealand kits from a first time mom.
Four New Zealand kits

I am very happy with how well she is doing. Getting a new home, a new owner, being moved around to fresh grass every day when she was used to a stationary hay filled cage. So many changes, yet she has happy full bellied kits so far. I can't wait till their eyes open and they are out exploring. It's going to be a fun journey watching them go from new born kits, to exploring baby, to grow out processing size. Keeping in mind that they are meat rabbits and that their purpose in life is to end up in the freezer, I still am looking forward to watching them grow. I used to breed dogs and it's been a few years now since I've had puppies. It will be interesting to see how similar they are. I will keep you updated on their progress.

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