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Rabbit tractor completed

A rabbit tractor for daily grazing
6×3×2 foot rabbit tractor.

The rabbit tractor is 6 feet long, 3 feet wide and 2 feet tall. There is a tin roof, a plywood sheltered area that wraps around the one end, there is 2 inch by 4 inch galvanized wire mesh on the bottom and 1 inch by 2 inch galvanized wire mesh on the sides. The frame itself is made out of 2x2's. A piece of wood was added to the lid to prop it open as well as a small piece of plywood to hold up the propper when the lid is closed, so that it is out of the reach of the kits and also so it doesn't touch the ground and get in the way when moving the tractor to new locations every day.

Rabbit tractor with lid propped up
A length of wood screwed to the lid frame that can be used to prop the lid open.

A couple other add ons are a pool noodle that was used as a guard against the sharp edge of the tin. It's only used on the front where there is a risk of cutting yourself when opening the latch and lid. A handle and hook and eye closer was attached to help secure the lid closed. This is helpful incase of severe wind or animals such as raccoons. Ropes were attached to both ends to help with moving the tractor to new locations. The lid is also attached with 2 large door hinges.

The height was set at two feet to allow it to be tall enough for the rabbits to be able to stand up and stretch but to hinder them from quickly and easily jumping out while your working with them. It's also short enough that I can step over the side and into the enclosure if needed to catch the rabbits for processing.

The wire size on the bottom is 2 inch by 4 inch which allows the kits to graze on fresh grass daily but it also stops the kits from digging out. The sides are 1 inch by 2 inch which is too small for the rabbits to sneak out.

I went with a solid roof and a wrap around shelter on one end. This provides shelter from the elements and also provides plenty of shade. The shelter extends 2 feet down the front and back and the entire 3 feet of one end. It leaves the other 4 feet of the front and back as well as the other end open for air flow and circulation.

Rabbit tractor made from new and recycled materials
Rabbit tractor with wrap around shelter on one end

The tractor was made from both new and recycled materials. The 2x2's that were used for the frames were new. The wire, hinges, and screws were all new as well. The plywood,pool noodle, tin, rope, handle and hook and eye latch were all recycled materials.

I am very pleased with this rabbit tractor and its design. It's going to help cut feed costs by allowing the kits to forage fresh greens every day on their own. I still provide unlimited pellets , hay and water. Occasional garden greens are given as well as dandelions and other yard greens. Producing my own sustainable meat and at a low price is important. This way of containing the rabbits is an important part of keeping costs low.

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