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Ontario rabbits

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Hi everyone. My name is Liz and I am the owner of Southern Ontario Rabbits. I am also a single mom and a home owner in town with far less than an acre property.

Living in Southern Ontario Canada is great. The crime isn't bad, there are good schools and parks. Healthcare is free and in my area, you don't have to go far for pretty much anything you could need. However, Ontario is also very expensive to live in. Currently as I am writing this we are still dealing with the Covid 19 pandemic and it's 2022. House prices have doubled in the last 2 years and food prices keep going up and up. There are shortages and long waits when ordering some essential items and it can be a bit frustrating.

I bought my home almost 3 years ago. Last year I grew a garden for the first time myself. I had 3 raised beds and some vegetables grown directly in the ground. The area I used was previously an over grown jungle of weeds, thorn bushes and roots. It took alot of work but I was very pleased with what I accomplished. The end of last season I put together two more raised beds. I am currently are waiting on nicer weather to order soil in and fill them for this year.

Tomatoes, beans, peppers all grown in raised beds.
Raised beds.

My son loves veggies. He's not quite 2 and if he has the option of veggies vs meat vs carbs, he always goes straight for the veggies. Last year he would eat whole peppers or tomatoes straight out of the garden. I love it, but I can see he is going to require more this year and with the price of fresh produce..... the added beds will be a blessing. Hopefully this fall I can expand a bit again.

My son loves watching homesteading YouTube channels (lumnah acres, living traditions, pure simple living, ...just to name a few) while watching them with him I started to get intrigued by the option of raising our own meat on a small scale. I first thought about chickens. Eggs and meat, sounds good! But after looking into it more and more I decided it really wasn't a good option for me. I live in town. My neighbours are close, and chickens aren't exactly quiet. So what other options do I have with my living arrangement? Rabbits! When was the last time you heard a rabbit? Never lol

After hours and hours of research, I decided raising meat rabbits was doable and a good option for me. The meat I raise will save me money every week on my grocery bill, the tops from a lot of the veggies I grow can be fed to the rabbits which saves on food costs for them, and their manure is great fertilizer for gardens, which again saves me money from buying store fertilizer.

This is my story. What I've learned. What I'm trying. My goals and my adventure. I hope you enjoy it and it inspires you to try new things, take chances and learn from your mistakes.

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