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Bunnicula is having a false pregnancy

Updated: May 23, 2022

I have not yet bred the three new does ( soon!) But Bunnicula has created quite the nest. For about 3 or 4 days she took every bit of hay I gave her and shoved it into her hide out. I was a bit concerned as we did have a visiting buck a month back. The buck would come and go and I had seen him numerous times over the last year. He was a cute black New Zealand. The last I have seen him was mid April, do if she did manage to get bred through her cage (which can happen!) She would have been due no later than May 11th.

Bunnicula outside her hideout nest
Bunnicula the New Zealand Flemish giant cross

I put her cage up on blocks and put the baby saving wire bottom on her cage. I gave her ample hay, lots of pellets to eat whenever she wanted as well as lots of fresh greens. The latest date she could have been due on has come and gone. Shortly after the date she started pulling hair and adding it to her nest as well. It's now obviously a false pregnancy. A rabbit, or any other creature can suffer from a false pregnancy following ovulation. They can have every symptom of a real pregnancy except for the creation of the fetus. In the majority of cases the false pregnancy will end around the same time the rabbit should have delivered her kits if she was actually pregnant. The rabbits hormones will return to normal and so will the rabbit. Usually nothing needs to be done and everything clears up on its own. In some cases however, the doe could start milk production and due to having no kits to nurse, mastitis could occur. If this happens you will want to seek out veterinarian care. Infection, swelling, pain and abscesses can all occur from mastitis. Antibiotics may be prescribed and needed to help relieve pain and infection.

Pulled hair added to the hay nest
Pulled hair added to her nest

I feel bad that she is not pregnant and is preparing anyways. It shows me that she is going to be a great mother though. She's thorough and has constructed a very nice nest. I am planning on breeding the three girls this weekend and in a months time, hopefully she will be building a nest for a litter of kits. During this time she has become so loving. All she wants is pets and attention. She has always been a nice rabbit but a bit indifferent to people, her current disposition is sweet and loving. I hope this part of the false pregnancy stays.

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