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Breeding trio completed

Producing meat for your family helps with peace of mind during times of uncertainty. The last two years have been trying, troubling and expensive. Food shortages in grocery stores due to panic buying, production chain issues and labour shortages due to the pandemic. Price increases happening to everything from food, to lumber and gas. Being able to reduce food costs while increase food security is so helpful.

Here at Ontario Rabbits we are working on becoming more self sufficient. Rabbit meat is a great source of low calorie, low fat, and high iron protein. They take up a small space, require little work, are quiet and can produce large amounts of meat in a year. You do not need a farm or a large property to raise rabbits.

We have decided to go with a meat rabbit breeding trio this year. We have a New Zealand Flemish giant cross buck(Marshall), a New Zealand Flemish giant cross doe(Bunnicula), and a new Zealand doe(Jakalope). With having 2 does- if bred at the same time, you can use the other doe to foster kits if needed, and the two does should produce enough kits to keep my family in meat with minimal buying from the grocery store.

New Zealand and new Zealand Flemish giant crosses
Breeding trio of meat rabbits

Our newest addition Jakalope the New Zealand doe is older than Bunnicula. I will probably breed her first and then time future breedings to have both does bred at the same time. This will give me one extra breeding this year, will give me an earlier start, and will also have her earning her keep sooner as she eats more being older and larger.

If all goes well the first breeding for this year should take place in the beginning of May, and dispatching and processing should happen the beginning of September.

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