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Bet you can't have just one....

So the famous chip saying seems to suit rabbits as well. I know I just said my breeding trio is complete and situated but I had the opportunity to add a sweet chestnut new Zealand doe to the mix to the Ontario Rabbits rabbitry, and couldn't pass it up. Her owner decided butchering rabbits wasn't for her and decided to rehome her.

My son is currently 23 months old and has a limited vocabulary. One thing he likes to call everyone and everything is guy. I'm guy, his grandparents are guy, his uncle is guy, his dog is guy, so without further adieu, meet guy, the new Zealand doe.

Guy the new Zealand doe in her temporary quarantine cage
Guy in her temporary crate

She's the oldest rabbit in our rabbitry and depending on Marshall's abilities, her and Jakalope will hopefully be bred the beginning of May, and Bunnicula will join the next time around. If Marshall isn't mature enough at the beginning of May then we will try weekly until he is. I figured he should be sexually mature enough the beginning of June for sure, but no harm in trying for the older girls a bit earlier.

The extra girl will increase our meat production and give us a great boost in the right direction for being self reliant and limiting our reliance on the grocery store for our meat needs. I can not wait to start filling our freezer with home grown meat rabbits born and raised on our property. Knowing how our meat is raised, what exactly we are eating, and being able to have food security will be an amazing thing.

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