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A day of bunnies

Today I had to take off the day from work to have two service calls done at home. While waiting for technicians I put together miss Bunnicula's outside cage for her. It has a hideout and a lazy Susan second level, the same as Marshall's cage does. It is also a repurposed dog crate. I liked having her in the house for a few days so she could get used to myself, my son and the dog. It also gave me time to ensure she was happy and healthy. She seems to be all good, so today she got moved outside. Before her move, she spent some quality couch time with my son watching Paw Patrol and getting pets.

Bunnicula the new Zealand Flemish giant cross getting socialized.
Bunnicula and my son

Between service calls I made a trip to pick up my third rabbit of my breeding trio. She is a brown New Zealand doe. She is older than Bunnicula the new Zealand Flemish giant cross doe, but she is super friendly and is very well mannered so far. She is a welcomed addition to our home. Currently she has no name. It's going to take a bit of thought.

New Zealand doe meeting my toddler
New doe and my son

My son has really taken to the rabbits. This doe wasn't sure she wanted to come to the crate door to see him, so he decided he would take the initiative and go to her. After this, she sat on my lap where she recieved pets from my son and sniffs from my bulldog. She's now in her temporary quarantine cage for a few days so I can keep an eye on her and so she can get to know us before she goes outside with the others.

Now that my new trio is complete, it is just a waiting game until it is time to breed them and start the steps to raising meat to help with self reliance and sustainability.

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