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4 week old kits

Since the rabbit tractor isn't ready yet and it was such a nice day, I took the baby saving wire off Jakalope's cage and put the foraging bottom back on. They are now on the grass where they can eat greens all they want.

To prepare the kits for this and because I feel it's important for Jakalope as well, I have been picking a few handfuls of grass, weeds and dandelions every day and letting them get their systems used to eating greens. They have also been given beet and radish tops. Hay and pellets are also free fed as well. Letting your rabbits forage and feeding them greens will help cut food bills and allow you to be more self sufficient and less reliant on stores.

Jakalope and her kits foraging the fresh grass
Jakalope and her kits enjoying the fresh grass

It's also very important to remember if your using rabbit tractors or crates on the ground, you must move them daily to keep the kits or rabbits from getting sick. Eating grass that is contaminated by urine or poo can cause illness and can lead to death.

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