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Rabbit tractor completed

The rabbit tractor is 6 feet long, 3 feet wide and 2 feet tall. There is a tin roof, a plywood sheltered area that wraps around the one...

4 week old kits

The kits are 4 weeks old and are now able to start foraging for food.

Warm weather and exercise

Letting the rabbits out to enjoy the nice weather and to stretch their legs.

Surprise! Kits are here

We have a surprise litter of kits. Jakalope the New Zealand doe was purchased the end of March, and it appears she was bred before she left.

Bet you can't have just one....

The more the merrier it seems. I bet you can't have just one ... Meet guy, the newest member of our rabbitry here at Ontario rabbits.

Breeding trio completed

The breeding trio is complete. It contains two New Zealand Flemish giant crosses and a pure New Zealand doe. Breeding will start early May.

A day of bunnies

Today I had to take off the day from work to have two service calls done at home. While waiting for technicians I put together miss...

Foodsaver for food storage

Foodsavers help preserve and store food for later use. Removing the air from the package keeps food fresh and prolongs it's lifespan.

Bunnicula is here!

Bunnicula is such a sweet and pretty girl and she is a welcomed addition to Ontario Rabbits. She is a New Zealand Flemish Giant cross and...

Rabbit care and maintenance

How to properly maintain and groom your rabbits to prevent injury and discomfort.

Benefits of rabbit meat

What is the nutritional information for rabbit meat and how does it compare to the more common meat choices?

How do you breed rabbits?

How do you breed rabbits and what is the timeline from breeding to processing? What are the important dates you must pay attention t

What are the best meat rabbit breeds

What breed of rabbit is best suited for meat production? Each breed has its own traits and characteristics. The most common are discussed.

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