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Our mission

Who We Are

   I'm Liz and I own Ontario Rabbits. Ontario rabbits is located in a small town in southern Ontario Canada. We aim to produce meat, vegetables and fruit for our family to help reduce our dependency on grocery stores, save some money and also be more aware of what we are eating. 

   Being self reliant for your food is a great feeling, even if it is just a portion of your food. It's a great life skill to have and to pass on to future generations.  Raising animals, growing gardens, processing, baking, and preserving foods. All these things can help you have food security, save money, be more aware of what your consuming and give you peace of mind. 

   We raise New Zealand Flemish Giant crosses.  They make excellent companion pets, they have quality meat for both human consumption and for a raw diet for dogs, cats and other meat consuming animals such as snakes.  We occasionally sell our live rabbits as pets,for breeding purposes or for meat, and we sell frozen processed rabbits for animal consumption.  Feel free to contact us with your inquiries. 


About Us: Our mission
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